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Affordable Care Act Jeopardizes Multiemployer Plans; FREE Webinar July 16 Explains "What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform" to NECA Contractors

Jul 07, 2013

The Obama Administration on July 2, 2013 announced a one-year delay of a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires businesses with more than fifty full time employees to provide adequate health care insurance or pay a $2,000 penalty per employee. This employer mandate was set to go into effect January 1, 2014, and is now postponed until January 2015.

The delay, however, does not impact many other key provisions of the Act. This includes the enrollment for health coverage through the state exchanges for Americans that do not currently have health insurance which is still set to commence on October 1, 2013, with insurance coverage taking effect on January 1, 2014.

NECA continues to emphasize its concerns with the many other key provisions of the ACA that will negatively impact the electrical construction industry. For example, delay of the employer mandate does not change the 50-employee threshold that will effectively exempt the non-union small businesses from providing health care coverage to their employees. There is still a vast amount of clarity that must be provided for multiemployer health benefit plans. Finally, Congress and the Administration must re-examine the numerous tax increases to offset the cost of the ACA, such as the "cadillac tax," and the cost of the transitional reinsurance fees.

NECA continues to urge Congress and the Administration to work together to enact reforms and improvements to the ACA that will lessen the negative impact on businesses already providing good coverage to their employees and ensure that our health care system will be viable for future generations.

NECA is also working to help educate its members with the first of planned series of webinars on the current state of the ACA, where it is on implementation, and most important, what do NECA contractors need to know about complying with the Act and how it could effect their bottom line.

FREE Webinar July 16 Explains What NECA Contractors Need to Know about Health Reform

As currently written, certain ACA provisions jeopardize our multi-employer health plans, will likely cause massive increases in insurance premiums, cause NECA-IBEW health plans to incur high taxes and fees, and likely reduce benefits to employees.

In an effort to beat back this unworkable law, NECA’s Government Affairs team and our politically astute members will continue to push Congress to enact real reforms that improve health care delivery and reduce regulatory burdens and costs on employers. In addition, NECA vows to provide information, education, and compliance assistance to help our chapters and members adhere to the changes to health care coverage for both administrative employees and those covered under a multiemployer health plan.

Join us on Tuesday, July 16 (at 11:00 a.m. Pacific; 2:00 p.m. Eastern) for “The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on NECA Contractors.” Tiffany Downs, head of the Employee Benefits Practice Group for the FordHarrison labor and employment attorneys discusses what NECA contractors must do to comply with the changes in health care coverage. Whether you are a small business or a large business, you will be faced with a massive compliance initiative and additional paperwork that will be required to meet the requirements of the ACA. This webinar will be valuable for both your administrative employees and those that participate in a multiemployer health plan.

This 60-minute online event will be broadcast through your computer and speakers. Q&A will be available at the end of the event via Q&A chat window. The presentation as well as a recording of the event will bemade available shortly after the event. For technical assistance, contact the event host, Adrianne Gracias, at aeg@necanet.org.


Marco Giamberardino, Executive Director, NECA Government Affairs


John Grau, NECA, Chief Operating Officer, NECA
Tiffany Woods, FordHarrison Law Practice, Attorney for Employee Benefits Practice Group

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