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LED Light Bulbs Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Mar 29, 2013

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lighting Science Group has voluntarily recalled 554,000 LED light bulbs sold under the brand names Definity, EcoSmart, Sylvania, and Westinghouse. These bulbs can overheat during use, posing a fire hazard.

Although there have been no reports of personal injuries, Lighting Science Group is aware of 68 incidents of product failures, eight of which were accompanied by visible smoke or fire conditions. The incidents include damage to light sockets, melted fixtures, burned rugs/carpet/floors, damage to a circuit and damage to a lamp.

The recalled LEDs, equivalent to 40- or 50-watt incandescent bulbs, were manufactured between October 2010 and mid-March 2011 by Citizen Electronics in China (with a small number of products having final assembly in Florida or Mexico). They were marketed as 6- or 8-watt LEDs and include A19, G25, and R20 (also known as PAR20) bulb types. The type is indicated on the packaging and on the circular neck above the base of the bulb where the date code appears.

The date code indicates the manufacturing date and is important in identifying the recalled LEDs. (The date code reflects the week and year of manufacture; for example, date code L4010 was produced during the 40th week of 2010.) The code may have "CH" or "MX" at the end. For the full list of 24 date codes, check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall notice.

Lighting Science Group is offering to replace bulbs affected by this recall at no cost. To get a free replacement, call the company toll-free at 855-574-2533 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or fill out a form on its recall page.