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NECA Website Featured on Web Design Blog

Mar 28, 2013

The goal of any website is to deliver information without requiring tremendous amounts of screen-staring time. One way this was achieved on NECA’s redesigned website was using “icons,” small images integrated into the page design that give visual cues about the content and the navigation.


The Matrix Group web design blog, Snack O’ Clock, has a new post about how the icons were created for necanet.org and why icons work well for websites optimized for viewing on mobile devices. We know more viewers are accessing necanet.org on their phones or tablets rather than desktop computers, so icons were essential to creating an easy-to-navigate iPad, iPad mini & mobile versions of necanet.org.


Indulge your inner geek and get some ideas of how mobile devices and icons are changing website design on Snack O’Clock!