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National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) 2013 Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards Program Now Open

Jan 17, 2013

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) formally recognizes electrical contractors who make safety and health-related work practices a core value within their companies and back up their commitment with results. NECA’s Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Award Program was established to recognize NECA contractors who excel in multiple areas of their safety and health programs. The program is now accepting award applications online from NECA-member companies, deadline for entries is March 1, 2013.

"NECA's Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards recognize thriving companies that maintain OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates at levels lower than the industry standards," said program organizer Jerry Rivera, NECA director, safety. "These contractors have taken their safety records above and beyond basic compliance.

Rivera commented that a a growing number of safety-conscious NECA contractors now use their winning status as a powerful marketing tool with prospective customers. Paulson Electric Co., Cedar Rapids, Io., was honored with a Safety Excellence Award last year after making significant investments in the company's safety program. "We had a meeting with our largest customer, and being able to tell them about our NECA Safety Excellence Award was a huge benefit," wrote Ethan Domke of Paulson.

"When it comes to construction, nothing is more important than safety, and when it comes to safety, no one has a better record than NECA contractors," said Andy Berg, executive director of the San Diego Chapter, NECA. "In every region of the country, NECA contractors have safety records that our competitors could only dream of. However,  our association likes to take it one step further to recognize the best of the best with the Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards."

The program is open to all NECA member companies; awards will be presented at NECA district or chapter meetings by district or chapter executive directors.

There are four parts to the award selection criteria:

I.               Incident Rates Recordable Cases 

a.              Lost Workday

b.              Non-Fatal Cases Without Lost Workdays

c.              Fatalities

II.             Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

III.           OSHA Citations

IV.            Operations and Best Practices 

Note: Frequency and severity rating are important, but the rates will not be the sole source for determining winners

Application Process:

1. Award application deadline is March 1, 2013. Applications received after the March 1, 2013 will not be considered for either award program.

2. All application forms and materials must be submitted online at necanet.org/safetyawards

3. Finalist applications will then be sent to NECA member’s District for review.

4. Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards will be presented at participants’ respective District Meetings.

5. Only one application is required for consideration for both the Safety Excellence and Zero Injury awards.

Man-Hours Award Categories:


    • 0 to 25,000      man-hours

    • 25,001 to50,00 man-hours

    • 50,001 to 100,00 man-hours

    • 100,001 to      150,000 man-hours

    • over 150,001      man-hours


Schedule and Deadlines:


    • March 1: Online applications must be received

    • March 18: Applications will be evaluated and finalists selected

    • April 1: Districts will notify the finalists.

    • June 3: Awards will be distributed to award winners at their respective District Meetings.


If you have any questions about NECA’s Safety Excellence or Zero Injury awards program, please contact Jerry Rivera at 301-215-4546 or jerry.rivera@necanet.org.