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Communications and Installation of Fellow

See below for information about contacts made with the nominator (during the process) and the nominee after acceptance by the Jury of Fellows.

Confirmation of Receipt:

What does a Nominator receive from the Academy?
Following receipt and review of the four parts of the “nomination package”, the Secretary of the Jury will send an acknowledgement email to the nominator(s) advising receipt of the nomination information and promise to submit the nominee to the Jury of Fellows at the next meeting. The Academy office is charged with assembling a consistent “package” of nominees for the Jury to review. Accordingly, we may re-format or make other adjustments to parts of the package. Whether we do this or not, we will request confirmation of the final package to be sure the nominator(s) agrees with the package the Jury will review.

Phone Contact following the first review by the Jury of Fellows:
The Secretary of the Jury will contact the nominator of anyone who does not receive unanimous approval. The Secretary can advise any nominator of the outcome of any nominee, but no communication regarding the outcome of the Jury process will be in writing. While the Secretary does not communicate with the nominator of successful nominees, any nominator may contact the Secretary via email (or phone) and he will advise of the results of the jury by phone.

Notice of Acceptance:

How Are Nominees Notified of Their Acceptance?

When the nominee has successfully passed the second review process at two consecutive meetings (at least 15 months after the process was begun), the Secretary of the Academy will notify the nominee via text of their acceptance.

A formal letter from the Academy Chairman will also be mailed to the nominee (with copies to the nominators – both chapters and any Academy Fellows). These letters are mailed several days later (by regular mail) so as not to interfere with the direct communication between the Academy Chairman and the new Fellow.

We believe that receipt of this special text is the best way a nominee can learn of their acceptance into the Academy - especially if they are unaware of their nomination.

Academy staff will contact a nominator just prior to the second meeting where candidates are being reviewed to confirm the best mobile number to be used.

Installation into the Academy of Electrical Contracting

When are New Fellows Installed?

The letter from the Chairman will advise of installation at the next NECA Convention. The Academy Secretary will follow the Chairman’s letter with further information about the responsibilities of a Fellow, the installation, etc.

There are also several requirements for new Fellows, as described in Article II, Section 4 of the Rules of the Academy of Electrical Contracting:

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