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James McDonald

McDonald 1

Vice President District Eight

District 8 Vice President
Former President J&M Electric, Inc.
Missoula, MT
Member, Montana Chapter, NECA


McDonald grew up 80 miles southwest of Chicago. He served in the U.S. Navy, working in electronics. After finishing his military service, he studied electrical engineering at the University of Illinois before completing a NECA/IBEW apprenticeship out of Joliet, Illinois. Before moving to Montana, one of his first jobs was working as a field engineer at LaSalle Nuclear Generating Station. 


T&M Electric, Inc. was formed in 1985 and in 1995, became J&M Electric, Inc. J&M Electric handles a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects with an emphasis on medical facilities. It typically runs with a labor force of 6 to 12 with annual sales of more than $1 million. 


McDonald has been involved in NECA since 1988. He started with contract negotiations and moved on to join the Montana Chapter, NECA’s board of directors; first becoming president, and then governor. He has stayed involved in NECA for many years, not just because of the excellent courses and training from NECA, but also for the knowledge he has obtained from his fellow contractors. 


McDonald has always maintained that whether someone is having a problem in either business operations or labor management, there is a NECA contractor that has already dealt with something similar and can share experiences in order to help resolve the situation. Contractors may be the competition on bid day, but they share many of the same difficulties every day. 


McDonald, married to wife Reneé, is a combat veteran who flew reconnaissance missions during the Vietnam War, both land and carrier-based. When he moved to Montana, he became one of the founding fathers of the Glacier Ice Rink in Missoula. The Glacier Ice Rink supports one of the largest youth hockey programs in the country with two sheets of ice and free use of hockey gear for any kid who wants to play. 

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