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(formerly Manpower Development Committee)

The Workforce Development Committee is concerned with maintaining and expanding skill as the cornerstone of this specialty contracting industry. Provision of an adequate supply of skill is vital to the industry and production of skill in this complex mechanical trade demands supervision, variety of experience and instruction. The continuing review of conditions and factors bearing upon effective support and execution of activities that meet this basic requirement of the industry is within the scope of this Committee. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Governors and provides leadership in promoting these recommended programs.

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee recommends training programs to the industry for adoption. Labor and management have found that these programs and recommended procedures can best be handled cooperatively by local apprenticeship and training committees which are equally represented by both parties. NECAs Workforce Development Committee members also serve as the management representatives to the NJATC.

2020 Workforce Development Committee Roster

  • Earl Restine Jr, Chair
    Vice President District 9
    Fuller Electric Corporation
    San Diego, CA
  • Dave McAllen
    Alaska Chapter
    Haakenson Electric
    Anchorage, AK
  • Marcus W McPhee
    Connecticut Chapter
    McPhee Electric Ltd
    Farmington, CT
  • Brian Spader
    Dakotas Chapter
    Thompson Electiric Compant
    Sioux Falls, SD
  • Luke R Cunningham
    Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter
    West Side Hammer Electric
    Bethlehem, PA
  • Ron Guarienti
    Southern Colorado Chapter
    Pueblo Electric Inc
    Pueblo, CO
  • Brian Freeman
    Gulf Coast Chapter
    Gulf Electric Company Inc of Mobile
    Mobile, AL
  • Tom Parkes
    Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter
    O'Connell Electric Company
    Lancaster, NY
  • Greg Gossett
    Central Indiana Chapter
    ERMCO Inc
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Geary M Higgins, Secretary (and Treasurer, Electrical Training Alliance)
    Vice President, Labor Relations
    NECA Inc
    Washington, DC
  • Phil Nelson
    Kansas Chapter
    Nelson Electric
    Goddard, KS
  • David Long, (Trustee, Electrical Training Alliance)
    Chief Executive Officer
    NECA Inc
    Washington, DC