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Energy Solutions Task Force

The Energy Solutions Summit held in Los Angeles in July, 2008, generated a lot of ideas about NECA's role in the emerging green markets and some specific recommendations. The Energy Solutions Task Force was appointed in 2009 to address specific market opportunities in sustainable "green" construction, energy efficiency, and renewable and alternative energy sources. The NECA task force members have been selected for their experience and expertise in one or more of these emerging markets to provide strategic support and direction to NECA's energy solutions business development program. The mission of the task force was to establish NECA contractors as the market leaders in energy solutions. The closing project of the task force, was to formulate a comprehensive strategy for NECA contractors that built on the recommendations of the energy solutions summit. Their recommendations and strategic direction has enabled NECA to develop and expand the arsenal of tools and competitive advantages available to NECA contractors for the energy market. The Task Force completed the comprehensive strategy for NECA and several major projects in 2013.