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NECA developed the Business Development Task Force in 2011 as a response to the evolving electrical construction industry. The goal of NECA’s business and market development program is to prepare NECA contractors for new forms of electrical work and provide the tools and knowledge they need to add these important services to their company. We need to transition into this new market and maintain the high standard of quality electrical work that NECA contractors are known for.


To maintain and grow NECA member's market share by providing the knowledge, tools, resources and conditions for success.

The Business Development Task Force provides a framework where non-proprietary information on best practices and successful initiatives are shared. It addresses not only traditional lines of business but also emerging technologies in design and construction, energy efficiency, wind, solar, EV, data centers, smart grid, and energy storage. The Task Force also explores opportunities related to topics like financing, tax incentives, advocacy, education, research, tools, training, and collaboration with federal agencies, state or local governments, universities, other associations or industry groups. 


The meeting finished with the establishment of a set of goals.  The goals listed below are currently being prioritized by the task force and may change upon further review.

  1. Provide members with financing resources and explore virtual ESCO type service offerings.
  2. Create new online business development resources
  3. Create national level relationships between NECA and large customers, i.e., Bass Pro Shops, etc.
  4. Support targeted activities of NECA and LMCC business developers and request that they jointly attend national trade shows, provide presenters, and explore joint sponsorship opportunities.
  5. For use by members in their sales and marketing initiatives to their customers, begin a national value branding that establishes who NECA is and what membership in NECA means.

2019 Business Development Task Force Roster

  • Vincent Real, Chair
    Vice President Dirstric 5
    Big State Electric Ltd
    8923 Aero St
    San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Ryan M Landon
    Oregon Columbia Chapter
    McCoy Electric Company
    9940 SW Grabhorn Rd
    Beaverton, OR 97007
  • Eric Carlson
    Mahoning Valley Chapter
    'Joe" Dickey Electric Inc
    180 W South Range Rd PO Box 158
    North Lima, OH 44452-9578
  • Hal B Sokoloff
    New York City Chapter
    H&L Electric Inc
    41-11 28th St 2nd Fl
    Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Shannon Cormell
    Arkansas Chapter
    Miller Electric Company
    8010 Counts Massie Rd Suite A
    Little Rock, AR 72113
  • Anton Mikec (Future Leader)
    Western Pennsylania Chapter
    Lighthouse Electric Co Inc
    1957 Rt 519 South
    Canonsburg, PA 15317
  • Rusty Gonzales
    Rocky Mountain Chapter
    St Andrews Construction Services
    12520 First St
    Eastlake, CO 80614
  • Mir Mustafa, Secretary
    Executive Director, Business Development
    NECA Inc
    3 Bethesda Metro Center #1100
    Bethesda, MD 20814
  • Daniel R Henrich
    Los Angeles County Chapter
    Pacific Data Electric Inc
    9970 Bell Ranch Dr #109
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2980
  • Paul Kosmides
    Minneapolis Chapter
    OlympiaTech Electric Company
    13700 Water Tower Cir
    Plymouth, MN 55441-3714