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Technology Spotlight Series: Technology Workflow Tour Webinar - Friday, October 16, 2020 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST

  • 10/16/2020

This Technology Workflow Tour will demonstrate the 5 segments of a typical project (design, preconstruction, pre-fab, job site, and services) and how different technologies can work together to improve each process.

Presenting this webinar will be Lonnie Cumpton, NECA Director of Construction Manufacturing.

Over the past 28+ years, Lonnie Cumpton has been innovating in the building design and construction industry by following an integration method of people, process, and then technology. Currently, Mr. Cumpton is the Director of Construction Manufacturing at NECA ( National Electrical Contractors Association). The path getting to a role in construction manufacturing has been full of many twists and turns, but three key pivot points stand out. The first was a transition from a building design focus to a focus on technology integration and consulting services. The second was taking on the challenges of a mega-sized project as he worked on the 7.5 million square foot Cosmopolitan Casino Resort, where he championed a process of combining design, manufacturing, and construction into one seamless process. His final pivot to construction manufacturing was with a direct focus on bringing a data-centric process into one unified stream of information for the electrical trade. Through his evolution, Cumpton has applied the people, process, and then technology strategy to help deliver on the promise of technology. Before his February 10, 2020 start date at NECA, Cumpton worked as the Virtual Construction Technology Manager for Faith Technologies at its corporate headquarters in Menasha, Wisconsin. He also served as Director of BIM Technologies at Taylor Design in Irvine, California. He has been featured in publications such as Architectural Evangelist, CIO Review, AUGIWorld and Design Intelligence, and in public speaking engagements at Advancing Prefabrication, Autodesk University, Revit Technology Conference, Bluebeam Extreme, CONTECH Roadshows, and The CONTECH Crew podcast.


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