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Improve Prefabrication and Field Productivity with Design Standardization - Western Pennsylvania Chapter | December 13, 2017 Second Session

  • 12/13 - 01/13 /2017

Design standardization is the ability to systematize the deliverables from the design group in order to increase design throughput, increase field productivity and escalate the volume of prefabrication utilized. This session will outline the steps necessary to properly assess your current operations, define the products of the design group, identify issues that inhibit the design process and craft solutions that will overcome the challenges identified.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

• Describe the assessment process as it pertains to design
• Define the customers of the design group and what their expectations are
• Identify work steps, issues, and solutions for each design process defined
• Discuss how to prioritize the solutions needed in order to formulate an actionable plan forward