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Robert L. Higgins Association Executive Distinguished Service Award

This award was established in l989 by the Board of Governors. The award is to be presented to the staff executive or chapter manager who has made the greatest contribution to the advancement of the association either in a specific year or over a period of time.

Year Recipient Location
2018 Jeffrey P. Scarpello Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter
2017 Robert D Rayburn Milwaukee Chapter, NECA
2016 Bruce Creen Northeastern Illinois Chapter
2015 Brian Damant Central Ohio Chapter
2014 Marilyn Oppedisano Finger Lakes, NY
2013 Loyal D. O’Leary Monona, WI
2011 Danal W. Neal Western Ohio Chapter
2010 James Willson Los Angeles, CA
2009 Bob LaLumiere Vandalia, OH
2008 Glenn Kingsbury Boston, MA
2007 Robert L. White Bethesda, MD
2006 Ruth Chermok Omaha, NE
2005 Robert J. Lidle Youngstown, OH
2004 Michael Crawford Michigan
2003 Ronald A. Cooper San Diego
2002 Mark A. Nemshick Chicago & Cook County
2001 Andrew A. Porter Washington, DC
2000 Susan J. King Southern Colorado
1999 R. Drew Gibson Milwaukee
1998 Joseph D'Angelo New York City
1997 Lawrence J. Bradley Penn-Del-Jersey
1996 Ronald O. Steiner Wisconsin
1995 Bartlett D. Dickson San Francisco
1994 Dean J. McDonald Central Florida and Florida West Coast
1993 Andrew Reed Maryland
1992 Doug Martin St. Louis
1991 Forrest D. Mallette Arizona
1990 Timothy Gauthier Oregon-Columbia