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How often have you heard a fellow NECA contractor say, "I wish I had known how to…?"

NECA contractors are known for their willingness to help and teach other contractors. Contractors new to the industry or those facing a particularly difficult issue can learn better business practices and often avoid costly errors when they have a senior-level professional to turn to for advice and guidance. Seasoned contractors who volunteer their time and expertise enjoy the opportunity to give back to the industry and to help ensure that every project is accomplished to the same high standards that the construction industry expects from a NECA contractor.

"The mentoring program has been a wealth of information, the insight gained is unmatched on all subjects pertaining to contracting. I would have made some grave mistakes having not entered this program and would recommend this to anyone considering or entering into the contracting side of the electrical industry."

NECA's nationwide mentoring initiative brings together contractors that are willing to volunteer as mentors and contractors interested in having the help of a mentor. Interested contractors will review available mentor profiles provided by MEI and select the person who can best bring the specific topic into focus. NECA mentors will work with contractors on a confidential basis to resolve an issue or implement a new business practice.

But mentoring won't work without your help. Here's where we need your involvement.

Mentoring is a very private process. Both the mentor and protégé will be asked to sign a form acknowledging acceptance of confidentiality regarding all issues and business facts discussed during their relationship and thereafter.

NECA believes mentoring is an excellent way to help improve contractor business practices. We hope NECA's mentoring service will encourage the spirit of "colleagues, not just competitors" that distinguishes NECA contractors. NECA wants each of its members to learn to be the best competitor they can be. Mentoring can help make this possible.

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