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Robots on the Jobsite

Apr 06, 2017

Nadine looks and behaves very naturally for a machine. Otherwise known as an “intelligent” robot capable of autonomous behavior, Nadine recognizes people and their emotions. Making associations using a collective knowledge database, or “thoughts” so to speak, Nadine or robots like Nadine may soon be giving care to the elderly. As the global population ages, causing a great strain on healthcare systems, it’s easy to see why research into the use of robots as caregivers and even nurses is growing. Many elderly are suffering serious ailments, such as dementia. But, many more only need someone or something to monitor them in case of a fall, or a simple friend to chat to. Robots like Nadine can monitor a patient’s wellbeing, read stories, chat, call for help or play games, making them ideally suited to looking after the elderly.

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If robots can care for the aging, they can surely be programmed, trained or taught to assist on a construction site. Beyond the warehouse and simple cataloguing or re-stocking of supplies, robots could be given the task of monitoring or tracking tool use and supplies dissemination on the job site. Likewise, they could be summoned to retrieve or deliver special tools or supplies. The same robots could be used around the clock as “roving security” monitors. As these robots are developed further, it is not difficult to conceive that these machines could also be deployed in the crucial area of safety on the job. Jobsite deployment of robots is going to become more and more prevalent especially as the skilled workforce is elevated to higher tech skills on the job.

Watch warehouse robots and cobots at work:

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