National Electrical Contractors Association

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NECA Community

Current Board of Directors and Jury of Fellows



Dennis Quebe (’06)  

Current Officers:



President: David Hardt (’07)

District 4 VP: Wes Anderson (’16)

District 8 VP: Jim McDonald (’16)

District 1 VP: Nick Feldman (’15)

District 5 VP: Doug Hague (’12)

District 9 VP: Leonard Lynch (’13)

District 2 VP: Dan Walsh (’12)

District 6 VP: Gloria Ashford (’07)

District 10 VP: Tom Halpin (’14)

District 3 VP: David Long (’12) 

District 7 VP: Skip Perley (’06)

At Large VP: Clay Scharff (’13)

Staff Officers:

Chief Executive Officer: John Grau (’86) Chief Operating Officer: Dan Walter (’02) Secretary-Treasurer: Traci Walker('13)

Past Presidents:

Buck Autrey (’73)

Bob Doran (’81)

Leo Weber (’85)
Rod Borden (‘88)
Ben Cook (’96)
Milner Irvin (’98) Rex A Ferry ('02)

Term Expires in 2017:

Stan Lazarian ('05)
Term Expires in 2018:

Orvil Anthony ('13)
Term Expires in 2019:

Art Ashley ('04)
Anthony Maloney ('12)
Russ Borden ('10)
Ron Autrey ('07)
Greg Rick ('12)
Brad Giles ('11)
Mark Huston ('14)
Dan Schaeffer ('09)
Todd Mikec ('14)
Jody Shea ('13)


Chairman: Rex Ferry ('02) District 2



Secretary: Mike Thompson (’92)

District 1: Gina Addeo (’13) 

District 2: John Frantz (’11) 

District 3: Jerry Hayes ('12)

District 4: Steve Diamond (’10) 

District 5: Doug Hague (’12) 

District 6: Marv Nelson ('13)

District 7: Greg Rick (’12) 

 District 8: Jim Peterson (’96)

District 9: Bob Daoust (’01) 

District 10: Tom Wolden (’12) 

At Large: Dennis Quebe ('06) District 2



Mike Thompson (’92)
Secretary of the Academy

Dan Walter (’02)
Secretary of Program

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