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Association Executives Institute Past Chairman

The Association Executives Institute is an informal, educational organization, which meets annually, usually in March, in the convention city. The first Institute was held in Pittsburgh in July, 1939. Each person employed in an executive or administrative capacity by a NECA chapter, the National Association, including the NJATC and NEBF shall be a member. The Chairman is elected annually by the majority vote of the members present and shall serve until his successor is elected.

Year Recipient Location
2014 KC Borden Kansas City, MO
2013 Glenn Kingsbury Boston, MA
2011 Steve Chesley Davenport, IA
2010 Andrew Porter Washington, D. C.
2009 Robert Coopersmith Central Florida, Flordia West Coast
2008 Robert LaLumiere American Line Builders
2007 James Willson Los Angeles County
2006 Jeffrey Ohman Minneapolis
2005 Roger Simonds New Jersey
2004 Lawrence Holub Red River Valley
2003 Ralph Lufen Rocky Mountain
2002 G. Wallace Hook Northern Indiana
2001 Al Johnson Western Pennsylvania
2000 Earl Scurlock Memphis
1999 Tim Gauthier Oregon-Columbia
1998 Doug Martin St. Louis
1997 Joseph A. Knecht, Sr. Southern New Jersey
1996 Bill Allen South Texas
1995 Stephen E. Brown Orange County
1994 Harvey Shriver Eastern Illinois
1993 Joe Blackwell Louisville
1992 Dean McDonald Florida West Coast and Central Florida
1991 Garth Cates Idaho
1990 Ronald W. Lindsay American Line Builders
1989 Robert W. Haines Kansas City
1988 Robert Lohfeld Eastern New York State
1987 George E. Sumrow, Jr. Southeast Texas
1986 I.M. Waldrop, Jr. Alaska
1985 E.A. Busch Wisconsin
1984 James Swan Penn-Del-Jersey
1983 Anthony Ziegler South Louisiana
1982 George W. Flint California Central Coast
1981 Forrest D. Mallette Iowa
1980 Thomas McSpedon Westchester-Fairfield
1979 John G. Hicks Eastern Oklahoma
1978 William J. Birkett Southern Colorado
1977 William Cooper Southern Indiana
1976 Andrew Reed Maryland
1975 Louis Coggins South Florida
1974 Robert Burns Oregon-Columbia
1973 Oscar Norgren Minneapolis
1972 Dana Malins Boston
1971 C.E. “Bud” Wann North Texas
1970 Maynard Sundt Puget Sound
1969 Perry Shilts Southeastern Michigan
1968 A.H. “Bud” Moore Central Ohio
1967 George Peterson Atlanta
1966 George Harter San Francisco
1965 Dan Gephart St. Paul
1964–1963 Ray Carey Los Angeles
1962–1961 William D. Walker Penn-Del-Jersey
1960–1959 Lawrence Martin Northeast Texas
1958–1957 Don Larson Rocky Mountain
1956–1953 Charles Scholibo Southeast Texas
1952–50 William Varley San Francisco
1949–1939 Edward Herzberg Milwaukee
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