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Coggeshall Award

This award was established in 1956 as a result of a bequest to the Association by Allan Coggeshall to honor a member of the Association who is adjudged to have made an outstanding contribution to the progress of the industry in the Technical and Training Service field.

Year Recipient Location / Company Name:
2016 John S. Frantz Sidney, OH
2015 Wilson Yancey Quanta Services, Inc.
2014 Stanley J. Folz Las Vegas, NV
2013 Don W. Jhonson North Miami Beach, Florida
2011 Wayne Brinkmeyer Houston, TX
2010 Howard D. Hughes Ft. Smith, AK
2009 Ben W. Nevers, Sr. Bogalusa, LA
2008 Greg Stewart Columbus, OH
2007 David Hardt Chicago, IL
2006 Charles M. Trout Hernando, FL
2005 Robert Gotham Portland, OR
2004 Arthur Ashley Ferndale, MI
2003 Tom G. Smith Oklahoma City, OK
2002 C. M. "Mike" Sloan Laguna Niguel, CA
2001 Stephen E. Chilton Salt Lake City, UT
2000 William Terry Lindsay Chattanooga, TN
1999 John J. Negro Cedar Rapids, IA
1998 Robert L. Pfeil South Bend, IN
1997 Leo McMillan San Francisco, CA
1996 D. R. Borden, Jr. Miami, FL
1995 Thomas H. Wood Rockford, IL
1994 Max E. Talbert Marion, IN
1993 Joseph L. Irby Tacoma, WA
1992 John L. Mussell Santa Maria, CA
1991 Albert G. Wendt Phoenix, AZ
1990 Bill E. Coburn Albany, OR
1989 Charles J. Hart Bethesda, MD
1988 Stanley D. Kahn Lawrence, NY
1987 Donald W. Leslie Hauppauge, NY
1986 Edward E. Hansen Chicago, IL
1985 James A. Hitchcock Bridgeton, MO
1984 Wayne T. Wells Salt Lake City, UT
1983 Ronald J. Toomer Baton Rouge, LA
1982 Donald E. Cates Jupiter, FL
1981 Robert E. Doran, III Leavenworth, KS
1980 Ray O'Leary Seattle, WA
1979 Hans J. Kolb Houston, TX
1978 Bernard N. Voss Tulsa, OK
1977 D. Harold Ware Oklahoma City, OK
1975 Kernan R. Dennis Seattle, WA
1974 W. A. Muska Roseville, MN
1973 D. Bert Haring New York, NY
1972 Allen F. Knickrehn San Marino, CA
1971 Paul M. Henkels Blue Bell, PA
1970 Richard G. Biermann Des Moines, IA
1968 N. Ellis Cannady, Jr. Asheville, NC
1967 Leslie E. Bley Chester, MD
1966 Robert G. Frame Pittsburgh, PA
1965 Sidney F. Hill Los Angeles, CA
1964 W. R. Grasle, Sr. Portland, OR
1963 Richard W. Osborn St. Louis, MO
1962 Frank G. Camus Shreveport, MO
1961 Milton R. Minto New York, NY
1960 Elwood Peele Burlington, NC
1959 Charles P. Bobe St. Louis, MO
1958 W. H. Biester, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
1957 George Andrae Milwaukee, WI
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