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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND LEVITON PRESENT: The Value of Delivering Meter Data to the Building Manager

  • 02/11/2014
Join ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR + Leviton on Tues., Feb. 11 to discover how energy monitoring systems maximize efficiency, reduce waste and help in understanding how to better manage energy in both new and retrofit commercial and residential properties. The webinar will include a deep dive into the benefits and challenges of sub-metering and energy monitoring, code requirements, and a look at today’s technology. Learn how to retrieve maximum return on investment and improved levels of conservation to reach energy management objectives. Learn more >


2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET



  • Troy Hull, CEM Director, Metering Solutions, Leviton
  • Richard P. Bingham, Power Quality Consultant, Hanahou Enterprises, and Electrical Contractor  Power Quality Columnist
  • John Maisel, Moderator, Publisher of Electrical Contractor

Event Information:

Registration is required to attend. 

  • This event will utilize an audio broadcast feature; attendees will listen to the audio portion of this event through their computer speakers.
  • This event will also be recorded, and made available for viewing at a later date. Registrants will receive a link to view or download the recording after the webinar’s completion.
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