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NECA to Collaborate with PSU on Energy Efficiency Project

Sep 22, 2016

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is helping to launch a collaboration with Penn State University, Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) and Private Energy Partners (PEP) in which the school will use funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to innovate a data-driven, integrated, student-centered, and market-driven approach to help small food stores and restaurants lower energy bills.

PSU922The Department of Environmental Protection funding for the project is provided by the U. S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program, according to a news release from Penn State.

The Penn State-led partnership will lower costs of retrofit projects by developing a new approach to energy efficiency retrofits, the school said. This will enable more small businesses to lessen the upfront costs often holding them back from long-term profitability. Greater Philadelphia is the initial test region; a successful deployment has the potential to be implemented on a national level.

As a partner in the initiative, PEP offers the building-level strategies for energy efficiency package design and financing models that maximize energy savings for customers. 

“We know there is a huge untapped opportunity in small commercial buildings. We also know how to assess, finance and implement small commercial projects,” David Osher, CEO of PEP, said in the news release. “This collaboration is an exciting opportunity to unlock that opportunity while enjoying the synergies that come with university, public, and private sector collaborations.”

Contractors from NECA will then retrofit the structures with the largest payoff, forming an integrated supply chain to audit, finance, design, and build energy efficiency projects. 

“NECA is thrilled to be connected to this innovative initiative that educates and empowers students and provides our contractor network with work and access to new clients, project design, and business development capabilities,” Jeff Scarpello, executive director of NECA’s Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, said.

Collaboration on the project started in June. 

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