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2017 NEC Handbook Dedicated to NECA's Johnston

Jun 24, 2016

MJ headshot 2016The 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) Handbook has been dedicated to Michael J. Johnston, the National Electrical Contractors Association’s Executive Director of Standards and Safety.

Johnston, who chairs the NEC Correlating Committee, was chosen by editors of the handbook because of his exceptional leadership during both the 2014 and 2017 revision cycles of the NEC.

“It is an honor to be recognized by this group,” Johnston said. “What a cool thing for NECA, too, as it recognizes NECA’s continued and long-standing significant contributions and commitment to the NEC development process.”

Editors of the handbook include editor-in-chief Mark W. Earley as well as Christopher D. Coache, Mark Cloutier, Gil Moniz and Derek Vigstol.

The news came during the awards ceremony at the Electrical Section Reception and Dinner at the National Fire Protection Association’s Conference & Expo earlier this month.

"The 2017 NEC revision cycle has brought extraordinary changes to how the work gets done. Mike's exemplary organizational and communication skills ensured that the panel members and correlating committee members were well prepared to embrace the changes and complete their all-important work of revising the NEC," Mark Earley, NFPA's chief electrical engineer, told the association.

Based on the 2017 NEC, the NEC Handbook clarifies concepts for a better understanding of the Code. It's a powerful communication tool that helps you explain the NEC to clients and others who might not have professional electrical training. It reflects industry trends and Code changes that impact residential, commercial, and industrial work.

NFPA 70-17 Cover Front

The 2017 edition of the NEC Handbook has:

  • The complete 2017 NEC text for instant and easy reference
  • Integrated commentary positioned in-line with NEC text
  • A new cross-reference feature to help you find related information in other articles fast
  • 800 full-color photos, tables, and illustrations such as schematics, floor plans, and cross-sectional graphics
  • A list of contents at the beginning of each article that provides the major sections within the article
  • Ten Informative Annexes including Informative Annex C: Conduit and Tubing Fill Tables and Informative Annex D: Examples
  • A new summary of technical changes that shows you where and why changes occurred

The 2017 NEC will slated to be this fall. Learn more at »

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