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Digital Resource Guides Based on Popular NECA Safety Publications Released

Apr 04, 2016

A series of digital resource guides based on existing popular NECA Safety publications have been released in the NECA Store. 

The guides include:

  • The NFPA 70E Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selector Guide, which was developed to assist the industry in understanding and applying the provisions found in “NFPA 70E, The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.”
  • The NECA Guide to NFPA 70E Employer (Contractor) Responsibilities, which will form a basis for the contractor’s compliance with NFPA 70E.  It details planning and documentation requirements a contractor must comply with to effectively communicate the risks to customers as well as employees. The guide also includes a letter template that can be used to send to owners/host employers expressing the contractor’s commitment for following these requirements.
  • The NECA Supervisors Guide to Jobsite Safety Training, which will assist project supervisory staff in effectively implementing jobsite safety requirements. This product provides a high level review of NECA’s Standing Policy on Safety, planning, training and inspection requirements. A must-have for every supervisor’s toolbox.
  • The NFPA 70E Guide to Lockout/Tagout manual, which is designed as a field guide and printed on special coated paper. It provides a brief overview of NFPA 70E, applicable OSHA regulations, and defines what NFPA 70E considers an “Electrically Safe Work Condition.”
  • The NFPA Guide to Decision-Making, Energized vs. De-Energized, now based on the 2015 Edition of NFPA 70E, The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace uses a simplified approach to determine whether energized work is justified according to the regulations or if it should be performed only while circuits are de-energized. Information include hazard identification and risk assessment, host/contractor responsibilities and qualified vs. unqualified personnel. 

The guides contain additional materials not provided with the publication purchase. The file download for each guide is a large .zip file.

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