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NECA Temporary Power Guide Helps Contractors Get it Right

Feb 22, 2016

Temporary Power Guide coverTemporary wiring is often treated as an afterthought—after all, “it’s only temporary.” But temporary power is not an anything goes situation. Whether electrical workers are handling temporary or permanent wiring, safe work practices are required.

Energized electrical systems and circuits, even if only temporary, present hazards for electrical workers and others in construction. Safe work practices should always be applied when working on temporary wiring. Electrical contractors are usually responsible for installing the permanent wiring during construction. In addition, construction projects require temporary electrical wiring that must be installed and used by all the trades during the construction of buildings or structures. Temporary installations are often viewed as being less dangerous than permanent electrical installations, but temporary electrical wiring on projects should be treated no differently than permanent electrical wiring with regard to the workmanship, wiring methods, and safe work practices. 

Temporary wiring must meet the requirements of the NEC, and be installed and maintained by qualified contractors and workers that understand effective application of safe work practices in compliance with industry standards. Article 590 of the NEC provides minimum requirements for installing temporary electrical power and lighting. NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace provides the requirements for electrical workplace safety.

This guide was developed by NECA to assist the industry in understanding and applying all applicable requirements for installing temporary power systems and the use of temporary power. The NECA Guide to Temporary Power (Index #5030) publication provides essential resources for electrical contractors to help them get it right when it comes to temporary power responsibilities. This new guide is organized in an easy-to-read format and includes links to valuable resources that assist in attaining compliance and safety of temporary power systems. The guide contains essentials such as how to effectively plan the installation, how to prefabricate where practical, and how to implement safe work practices when handling temporary wiring, designs, OSHA compliance, and more. Along with the extensive resources, this product provides access to all Letters of Interpretation from OSHA relative to temporary installations. This new guide is a must for all electrical contractors that have to design, install, maintain, and remove temporary power systems. Get your copy today.

The NECA Guide to Temporary Power (index #5030) is available at as a printed or electronic publication, priced at $35/members and $70/non-members.

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