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  • NEC-2014 Proposed Changes Webinar

    March 12, 2013
    NECA Bethesda - 
    An extensive overview of significant changes proposed to the National Electrical Code for the 2014 cycle. Learn what was proposed, and how these changes may impact your business in this 90min webinar.

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  • NECA 1-2015 Standard for Good Workmanship in Electrical Construction

    Index Number: NECA100-15

    NECA 1 is the flagship National Electrical Installation Standard (NEIS) that describes what is meant by installing equipment in a “neat and workmanlike manner” as required by the National Electrical Code (NEC), Section 110.12. This edition of NECA 1 is enhanced with more photos of quality installations for exacting detail.
    Pricing: $20.00 Member/ $40.00 Non-member

    Available in physical and PDF versions.

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  • NECA Manual of Labor Units (MLU) 2015-16

    Index Number: 4090-15

    Since 1923, NECA has compiled and published labor unit data for the electrical construction industry. The NECA MLU has long been the standard in the industry, and its prominence among other estimating data sources is well documented. 
    Pricing: $139.00 Member/ $375.00 Non-member

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  • eSafetyLine Software (NECA Safety Expert System Software)

    Formally the NECA Safety Expert System, this online subscription provides users with complete company safety manual, written programs, polices, procedures and forms. Additional features include an industry practices database, NFPA 70E PPE Selector, message board, training materials and a robust recordkeeping system. 

    Index Number: 5119S
    FormatElectronic Subscription

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