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When the Future Demands Changes in Service or Goods You Deliver

Mar 02, 2017

So what did American automaker Ford do when they looked into the future and saw a decline in car sales? This decline in car sales is due to more people moving to large city centers depending more on public transit, shifting away from personal ownership of cars. Ford recently invested $1B in acquiring an autonomous delivery start-up. Adding delivery drones, Ford’s target is perfecting the last mile of autonomous delivery, especially with growing high rises in growing dense urban areas with no parking. The future of Ford may not be in the F-150, but rather in “Autolivery” as one of the emerging technology start-ups.

How about for Electrical Contracting? Is there something coming that will change how we deliver our goods and services? Are there related services or goods that we can “own” in coming markets that will sustain desired expansion, growth and productivity in emerging technologies? Watch and read how Ford is surviving market changes and capitalizing on disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles and drones.

Watch this video from FORD:


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