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Hyperloops and Tunnel Boring Wormbots
Elon Musk's tunneling “wormbots” cost significantly less to operate, dramatically reducing total tunneling costs and labor hours.
compositeplan graphic
NECA Legislative Top Three: 2/16/18
NECA strongly supports the GROW Plan and urges Congress to take swift action to approve the legislation. Please write your Senators and Representatives today
DavidLong fitz
Milestone Monday
Not even a three-day storm dropping close to a foot of snow and frigid Midwestern temperatures could have stopped NECA President David Long from visiting the Northeastern Illinois Chapter's Combined Division meeting this week ...
Screenshot 2018-02-14 14.10.59
Human vs. Robot: How About Human Augmentation Superiority?
Technology has become the defining factor in everything we do. Beyond virtual reality which literally transports us to places we could otherwise never go, we have technology in our bodies.
Screenshot 2018-02-14 11.37.41
NECA Requests Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Exemption
NECA has applied for an exemption from the FMCSA's ELD requirement to digitally record hours of service.
President Trump Offers Solid First Step Towards Bipartisan Solution for Our Nation's Infrastructure Challenges
The Chief Executive Officer of the National Electrical Contractors Association, John M. Grau, issued a statement in reaction to the introduction of President Donald J. Trump’s infrastructure plan
EC Legrand Webinar Promo 3718
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and Legrand Present Free Webinar on GFCI Code Requirements
Join ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and Legrand for a free webinar on Meeting Code Requirements with GFCI Receptacles, March 7 at 2PM EST
Federated Estate-Planning_870x230
Federated Insurance Offers NECA Members Complimentary Webinar Access
Join Federated Insurance on Tuesday, February 20 at 2:00 pm EST for a free webinar on Family Succession Planning. Registration is required.
MSA Issues ‘Stop Use’ Notice for Gravity Welder Harnesses
Personal protective equipment manufacturer MSA has issued a Stop Use notice for certain welding harnesses.
2018 BIpartisan Budget Act Overview Slide
NECA Legislative Update: Top Three 2/9
For the first time in nine years, Congress approved a bipartisan, bicameral agreement on a long-term budget agreement. The deal also includes ...
Somewhere Between Employee and Contract Worker
Due to technology disrupting the workplace, will we see a new hybrid worker classification, something between an employee and a contractor?
Luella Hannan Foundation Is First Non-Profit to Use PACE Financing with Lean & Green Michigan
The Luella Hannan Foundation became the first non-profit to use PACE financing with Lean & Green Michigan. Work on this project is being completed by NECA Southeastern Michigan Chapter members and the IBEW Local 58.
IBEWsanjose solar array
A Flagship Building Retrofit in San Jose is Showcasing NECA-IBEW Solar Skills
Members of IBEW Local 332 of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter, NECA have finished work on the 200 kW commercial solar array and net zero building retrofit on their union hall in San Jose, CA. Set to open later this month, the array allows for all necessary energy to be produced with solar.
NEC Adoption Feb 2018
2017 National Electrical Code® Adoption Update
NECA Standing Policy 3 recommends adoption of the latest National Electrical Code® edition in the interest of public and building safety. See which states are using the latest NEC with NFPA's adoption map.
ELECTRI International Reports on January Council Meeting, Funds 2018 Research Projects
The primary focus of the three-day event was to choose the recipients of the full research grants and vote on the Student Community Service Initiative. After hearing the formal presentations, the Council recommended funding three general and two student projects.
Specialty Construction Adds Over 16k Jobs in January
The January Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation report revealed another strong month of job growth, with steady growth in the construction sector. Specialty construction dominated construction job growth with 26,300 positions added.
NECA ECAP Program Utilized for Groundbreaking Zero Energy Building in Silicon Valley
The NECA ECAP program, working alongside Pacific Ridge Electric, facilitated the energy auditing, economic modeling, conceptual design, IFC drawings, performance bonding and $3.2 million in financing while administering project management services for the Union Hall project.
NECA Opens 2018 Energy Study Mission Registration
The Energy Study Mission educates members on new technologies and opportunities for work in the energy sector by featuring exclusive tours, seminars and group discussions relating to cutting-edge energy projects or research facilities across the country.
Screenshot 2018-02-01 14.16.56
NECA Legislative Update: Top Three 2/2/18
On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address. NECA is encouraged by the President’s call to invest $1.5 trillion in our nation’s infrastructure. NECA also believes ...
Do You Claim R&D Tax Credits?
ELECTRI Council member Moss Adams LLP offers information about some of the biggest changes in R&D credits that may impact electrical contractors.
ELECTRI International Welcomes Joey Shorter
In a recent letter (below), Joey Shorter, spoke about his entrance into the organization as the new executive director of ELECTRI International, and his hopes to grow the foundation as a whole.
NECA Receives Reaccreditation as Standards Development Organization from ANSI
The National Electrical Contractors Association, the largest North American organization for electrical construction firms, has been reaccredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards development organization.
Graybar and Guarantee Electric Team Up for Gateway Arch Renovation Project
NECA Premier Partner Graybar Electric has teamed up with NECA Member Guarantee Electrical Company for the Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial renovation efforts in St. Louis, MO.
Several NECA Contractors Deployed for St. Louis Cortex Innovation Hub
A full array of NECA contractor services are being deployed to help build the high-tech 4220 Duncan building in the Cortex Innovation Hub.
ecmag Home Page Screenshot wborder
NECA's Magazine Unveils Dramatically Sleek and Robust New Website, ecmag.com
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine's website ECmag.com recently unveiled new design, faster more robust website.

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