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TECHTOPIA Pavilion Addresses Disruptive Technology for NECA 2017 Show Attendees

by Adrianne Gracias | Sep 12, 2017

The first TECHTOPIA Pavilion at the 2017 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Show at NECA 2017 Seattle will present new disruptive technology and digital media strategies for the construction industry, Oct. 8-10 in Seattle.

TechtopiaLogo17As part of NECA’s free trade show in booth 1341, tech companies and media experts will present 18-minute Tech Talks and perform demonstrations in the TECHTOPIA Theater.

“With Amazon now selling electrical supplies, emerging disruptive technology is transforming productivity, safety, time and cost savings across the construction industry,” said Joe Shorter, Ph.D., executive director, ELECTRI International, NECA’s director of research and editor of NECA Technology.

Disruptive technology companies include: 

  • Rhumbix: The first mobile platform designed to increase productivity and safety through telematics to capture real-time construction field data from workers' smartphones
  • Fieldwire: A mobile-first (iPad/iPhone/Android) collaboration platform for foremen, superintendents and engineers to access real-time data and documents in the field.
  • ManufactOn: A collaborative, cloud and mobile solution for prefab production and supply chain management from A/E/C and technology veterans.
  • Smartvid.io: Its new SmarTag engine uses machine learning with voice and image recognition to solve managing, collaboration, search and analysis with industrial videos and photos.
  • Stok: A significant member of both teams that created the Net Zero Energy Center and the Net Zero Electrical Training Institute in California, this vertically integrated real estate services firm focuses on creating a radically better built environment/sustainable real estate.
  • [cis] Drones: Unmanned Aerial Space (UAS) company specializing in Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) and long duration operations for construction, search and rescue and power infrastructure will demonstrate drones.
  • Cody Nowak, DisruptAEC: The hologram technology expert integrates virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality to bridge the gap between technology, BIM and A/E/C, including emerging 3-D gaming engines. 

Digital media topics include: 

  • Apps That You Can’t Live Without: How to use and choose among the most useful work and data apps.
  • Establish Your Brand on LinkedIn: LinkedIn platform changes, how to enhance a profile, brand and voice.
  • Tips & Tricks for Taming Your Inbox: How to manage piling up email intake, both new and old.
  • Five Ways to Keep Hackers Away from Your Personal Info: Easy steps to limit exposure.
  • Top 10 Apps on the Go: Helpful apps to help manage work/life balance.
  • Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Use of Google: Tips and tricks to use Google more efficiently.
  • Utilizing Social Media Management Tools: Social media dashboards that help manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn without spending hours on each site. 

More On TECHTOPIA here

NECA 2017 is open to all electrical professionals, including non-members. Free admission: go to Attendee Registration and use code NECA17

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