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San Francisco Sports Eye-Catching New Landmark Just in Time for NECA 2015 Arrival

Sep 24, 2015

New Tower Constructed at Airport Helps San Francisco Get Ready for NECA 2015

SFIntlAirportTowerRenderAs thousands of people with ties to the electrical contracting industry descend upon the Bay Area for NECA 2015 San Francisco, a new landmark at the city’s airport will definitely catch their eye.

San Francisco International Airport’s new air traffic control tower is a work of art, designed to look like a torch, it brings the city’s history to the forefront.

Redwood Electric Group (REG), a California electrical contractor, was recently featured in ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine for their work on the tower:

SFairtraffic1“San Francisco Airport’s new air traffic control tower is not only a functional facility, but it’s also a 221-foot-tall work of art and a new landmark for the Bay Area.

‘The form of the building is meant to resemble a torch that hearkens back to a time in San Francisco history when torches were used to drag ships into dock,’ said Curtis Fentress, president and principal-in-charge of design, Fentress Architects. ‘It is a dynamic form, and everything had to be closely coordinated to fit within and on the building.’

A vertical element on one side of the tower creates the ‘wow’ factor. Its multiple glass-fronted panels, illuminated by color-changing and programmable light-emitting diodes (LEDs), will treat the approximately 50 million domestic and international travelers to the airport to a light show to celebrate holidays and events.”

According to the article, construction of the tower began in the summer or 2012 was scheduled to be completed by early fall.

More details:

The project presented REG with unusual and unique challenges. The torch-shaped structure was built in between operating terminals with passenger traffic nearby. One side of the project was considered to be on the operational side of the airport.

And, being in California, earthquakes are always concern. San Francisco is no stranger to seismic activity, so the tower had to be built to withstand earthquakes.

“It’s a post-tension concrete structure with two tuned mass dampers at the top, so it’s a very a complex structural system built to withstand a very strong earthquake, one measuring up to 8 on the Richter scale,” said Fentress.

So, when you’re flying in and out of San Francisco next week, be sure to check out the new air traffic control tower!

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