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Pre-Fabrication Design Course - April 24, 2013


  • Location: Southern Tier Chapter: Indianapolis Marriott East , Indianapolis, IN
  • Contact: Southern Tier Chapter

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of how to design and implement a pre-fabrication process as part of an overall strategy to develop an Optimal Electrical Construction Business Model. As the jobs get larger, only contractors that can improve productivity through better management of time cost and quality will survive. Pre-fabrication, along with vendor partnership and job productivity tracking, are key tools for optimizing the delivery time, cost and quality of large jobs. This workshop addresses the key steps in effectively implementing pre-fabrication as an integral part of the productivity management system. Topics include research on productivity in electrical construction; factors for optimizing labor productivity; and pre-planning and layout for large projects.

Participants completing the workshop will understand the state of productivity in construction today, gain insight on their organization vs. the Optimal Construction Business Model, and identify key action steps needed for implementing an effective pre-fabrication process.

Sponsor: Southern Tier Chapter 
One day seminar

Chapter Contact: Bruce Condie, 607-723-8824
Location: Indianapolis Marriott East 
7202 East 21st Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46219 

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm